Indoor Air Disinfection

One of our most important & effective service , using  MEDIZAR  UK  the alcohol free Disinfectant  with 30 days  effect , applied  by ULV  machine makes any indoor air & under air area in closed environment  Clean & Healthy. This service able to eliminate 99.9999%  of harmful  pathogens  like :   Bacteria , Viruses , Spores ,  Fungi. 

Mattress Disinfection

Tests proved that ,millions of dust mites the primary cause of allergic reactions, such as rhinitis, conjunctivitis, eczema, coughs and asthma, which especially affect children found in your mattresses, carpets, cushions and curtains  Our 3 step procedure ( High vacuum suction + UV disinfection + hot Steam ) to ensure  total  piece of mind.

 Air Condtion Disinfection

Thousands of harmful germs find air-condition system suitable environment to live  & reproduce themselves . It spread easily with the help of air current flow, using AireSano AAA ( Spain ) the approved Air-Condition disinfectant together with our professional scope of work, we ensure that your indoor air become healthier & fresh .
A/C Disinfection is applied to  all types of machines ( central , split or window ) and covers the ( filters , Coil , grills &  duct  ).